Poverty has become a major issue of this generation, and we have made a vow to re-establish equality between the rich and the poor, and allow them to hold their heads high once more.

Ramadan is the one of the most blessed months of the Islamic calendar, and we help those who are unable to  eat their fill for iftar. By providing them with wholesome and nutritious meals.

The right to education is not reserved for just the rich, and those who can afford it.But it should be available universally, to everyone, we aim to do just that – provide the means to education to everyone!

Providing Medicine, and vaccinations to those suffering or at risk of diseases, such as polio,hepatitis. We have set up various medical camps around the city, to help as much people as possible.

We strive to provide help to those in need, recently we visited old homes to meet with parents, that were abandoned by their kin, we met and helped them in this crucial time because we believe in love and harmony.

Being an example to the new generations is what we are all about, be it helping solve the problems and concerns affecting the youth, or just being a shoulder for them to lean on. It is our priority to help them be the best that they can be!

Our team at Tehzeeb, wants to encourage and empower the femininity of women by consultations. Tehzeeb aims to Help the depraved and poverty stricken women prosper and progress through the difficult times in their lives, by providing Emotional, financial and spiritual support. We whole-heatedly support feminism.

Tehzeeb is committed to providing knowledge and information about the Pakistani culture, we are here to spread love and humility among the people. By throwing fundraising events, we are able to better communicate with the people.

As a faith-based, nonprofit organization, tehzeeb helps empower others to live independent lives — free from poverty, disease, and hunger.

Tehzeeb has helped several hundred people. And we strive to help more everyday by:

Providing education, donations, food, water, emergency supplies, and zakat to those who need them.

Mobilizing hundreds of volunteers each year.

Partnering with businesses, individuals, and other humanitarian organizations who are intent on doing good work among the impoverished and suffering.

Staying transparent, because we believe that a community shows improvement through action not measure.

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